Cardiff Garcia. The Asia Corruption Crackdown: Sincere Or Cynical?

Cardiff Garcia. The Asia Corruption Crackdown: Sincere Or Cynical?

The Asia Corruption Crackdown: Sincere Or Cynical?

Peter Lorentzen is definitely an economist during the University of bay area. He talked with Cardiff Garcia of a paper he penned from the ramifications of the Chinese federal government crackdown on corruption — and whether it ended up being an effort by Xi Jinping to combine his authority or perhaps a genuine work to help make the Chinese government bureaucracy are better.

An Emergency Of Customer Self-esteem?

Customer self- confidence happens to be dropping recently. maybe perhaps Not by a ton, but it is at its 2nd rate that is lowest in per year. It really is calculated because of the Conference Board, which crunches a number of information and problems A customer self-esteem Index (CCI) on a monthly basis. Because customer investing makes up approximately 70 % regarding the economy, economists and politicians spend a great deal awareness of just how customers feel, and consider the CCI being a crucial measure for the wellness of this economy.

An Indicator In The Hand

There’s a debate that is big on at this time in regards to the economy: be it headed for the downturn, or perhaps in health. On The Indicator, Cardiff and Stacey lay out both sides today.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Shake Up The Diamond Industry


The market that is global expensive jewelry will probably be worth $80 billion per year. Cash is flooding into this industry, but why when need for diamonds is not since lustrous as it used to be? Cardiff Garcia and Sally Herships do have more from the earth Money podcast The Indicator.

Dry Cleaners, Housing, The Stock Exchange And Rip It

We love getting listener mail! Really. As well as on today’s episode, we are dealing with a number of your latest concerns. As an example: how come a dry cleaner in Maryland have actually its customers spend once they disappear their washing, perhaps maybe maybe not if they choose it up? Could it be simpler to purchase a homely home or spend money on the stock exchange? And now we have significantly more from the «Rip It» energy drink pointed out within our episode that is recent about shops.

A number of the ongoing work we referenced in this piece:

Venezuela By The Figures

Gabriela Saade is just a 27-year-old economist living in Caracas. Every she pores over data about her country: poverty rates, population movement, government revenue day. Today regarding the show, she gives us three indicators that inform us concerning the crisis taking place in her own country.

Are Neighbors Overrated? (As Well As Other Concerns)

Tyler Cowen is an economics professor at George Mason University and a columnist at Bloomberg advice. He hosts the podcast «Conversations with Tyler,» and their book that is new is «Big Business.»

On The Indicator, we perform «Overrated, Underrated,» a casino game we took from him (together with authorization! today) We hear their simply simply take on work from the belated, libertarian economist Milton Friedman, dual-class voting stocks, and next-door neighbors.

Exactly Why Are Venezuelans Starving?

Individuals are starving in Venezuela. There is not sufficient food. Just just What little meals which can be found is starting to become increasingly costly because of hyperinflation. The effect is just a humanitarian crisis.

However it was not always like that. In past times two years, Venezuela’s leaders have actually turned a national country which was one abundant with farming into an economy concentrated nearly totally in the creation of oil. When the buying price of oil tanked, therefore did Venezuelans’ capacity to access food.

Today from the Indicator, exactly how this came into existence.

Purchasing A College Education: Did Aunt Becky Overpay?

This week’s news tales about corruption and cheating when you look at the university admissions procedure is a lesson that is eye-opening simply how much people value getting kids into particular schools.

Lori Loughlin, whom played Aunt Becky regarding the television sitcom complete home, compensated $500,000 getting her two daughters in to the University of Southern Ca. That appeared like a great deal to us. and raised issue: is really a slot at a top-tier college worth that sort of cash?

Saying 'I Actually Do' To Lab-Grown Diamonds

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The market that is global expensive jewelry is really worth $80 billion bucks per year. Cash is pouring to the industry, but why – whenever interest in diamonds is not since sparkly as it once was?

There is a brand new player within the area which may replace the market within the future that is near. It is a kind that is different of – one grown in a lab. But man-made stones come with a few big advertising issues. Usually, luxury items are about scarcity – maybe maybe maybe not accessibility. And, unlike other consumers, top end shoppers could be drawn to high rates.

The Economy As Part Of Your Mind

Attention is just a resource that is scarce. So can be concentration and psychological power. But just how do our brains decide which stimuli will attract these resources that are scarce? Enter economics that are cognitive. a field that is new economics that borrows from neuroscience and therapy. Mathematician-turned-cognitive economist Leigh Caldwell joins to describe how it functions.

An Account Of Two Dollar Shops

Dollar shops — they offer sets from vacation designs to food to Skittles-scented candles. Business proposition: a grab case of products for a buck (or about a buck). These shops thrived throughout the financial meltdown, however their success into the post-Recession age happens to be a bag that is mixed.

Dollar General and Family Dollar (now owned by Dollar Tree), two associated with the buck shop titans, are in the center of the. These firms each took a bet: whether or not they could grow their organizations by continuing to keep every thing coming in at $1, or by making the dollar behind.

Sex Segregation In The Workplace

Gender segregation may be the indisputable fact that jobs in certain professions are overwhelmingly carried out by guys, while jobs in other professions are overwhelmingly carried out by females. Today in the Indicator, our friend Martha Gimbel from the Indeed Hiring Lab informs us why that is a big deal for ladies, males, together with economy in general.


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